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Sealed oil-immersed transformer
Sealed oil-immersed transformer
Sealed oil-immersed transformer
Sealed oil-immersed transformer
The special transformer performance features
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1, special transformer convenient installation: installation, demolition convenient, covers an area of less, can be installed in interior and exterior.
2, special transformer high efficiency and energy saving, consumption only small amount of energy, it can be in the air in the absorption a lot of heat, power consumption is only 1/3 of the heater-1/4, special transformer and coal, oil and gas than drying equipment, can save about 75% of the operation cost, 1 KWH is equal to 4 degrees bending mechanical and electrical.
3, special transformer environmental pollution: without any of the combustion and emissions, is a kind of sustainable development of environmental protection product.
4, special transformer safe and reliable operation: the whole the operation of the system without the traditional dryer (fuel oil, gas or electricity heating) the possible presence of inflammable, explosive, toxic, short circuit, and dangerous, is a kind of absolute safety reliable fully enclosed drying system.
5, special transformer, long service life and lower maintenance cost: is the traditional air conditioning technology based on, technology mature, stable performance, reliability, service life is long; Safe and reliable operation, automatic from artificial operation, intelligent control.
6, comfortable and convenient, automation, intelligent: adopt the automatic constant temperature control device, 24 hours of continuous dry homework.
7, special transformer wide range, not affected by climate effect: can be widely used in the food industry, chemical industry, medicine, paper, leather, wood, agricultural and sideline products processing industries of heating drying homework.
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