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Large Transformer-oriented silicon steel will accelerate the pace of domestic production
 Release time:2012.01.10    Source:    View times:5505
The Ministry of Industry and Information held recently in Wuhan, a large transformer-oriented silicon steel to promote domestic production would require design of the electric power sector, transformer manufacturers and property units are implementing the revitalization plan and to adjust the steel industry to restructure and revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry planning, the use of a new iron and steel technology, new product development, improve the large-scale transformer equipment, special high-voltage power transmission and transformation equipment such as self-oriented.

Engineering Department has requested a letter to actively support the downstream industry, iron and steel industry to upgrade technology, improve product quality, with the iron and steel enterprises to establish mutually beneficial strategic relationship, and vigorously promote the localization of major equipment, materials, work, strive to be completed before the end of this year with domestic production for Testing and Materials
The first large-scale sets of 500-kilovolt transformer for next year to promote and expand the use to lay a sound foundation.

In promoting the meeting, some of the larger transformer manufacturers informed the use of Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation 220 kilovolt transformer silicon steel product manufacturing conditions and test results, describes the Wuhan Iron and Steel products in the S13-oriented silicon steel transformer energy saving alternative to a trial of imported materials

The meeting, Wuhan Iron and Steel production-oriented silicon steel has 220 kV voltage class transformers used in manufacturing the products pass through the detection of indicators, the basic to the quality level of similar products abroad, which for China to gradually get rid of the long-term dependence on imports, the situation controlled by others
has extremely important significance.

Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation is the world's largest production base of cold-rolled silicon steel, but also a sense of the domestic production of high-magnetic-oriented silicon steel oldest and largest enterprises. Wuhan Iron and Steel production of cold-rolled silicon steel sheet is brand-name products, including high-magnetic induction a family-oriented silicon steel is a silicon steel in the "top level", widely used in large-scale transformer manufacturing, production processes with high requirements, as compared with the general orientation of silicon steel with magnetic induction intensity high and low iron loss benefits, known as Need for silicon steel, widely used in large transformer manufacturing industry, its production process requirements is very high, domestic enterprises can produce the product is extremely small.