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Low-set loss and environmental advantages are obvious amorphous alloy transformer market prospects
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"China's annual demand for distribution transformers is expected at 10% to 15% growth rate. If there is 10% of the distribution transformers to use amorphous alloy transformer, 2010, the annual demand for amorphous transformers up to 150 million kVA. the equivalent of more than 20 million units, 630 KVA transformer. "Shanghai Electric Company, a general manager, said in an interview.

Amorphous alloy transformer because of its apparent low-set loss and environmental advantages, in the new countryside construction and rural power grids in the city, has a relatively broad market space.

Development Status

With the domestic users of amorphous alloy transformer raised higher and higher requirements, product manufacturers continually introduce more types of new products.

For the domestic user needs, amorphous alloy transformer manufacturers have developed, including 20 kV, 35 kV, suitable for a variety of environmental applications products. Moreover, in recent years, domestic enterprises have also developed for wind power, solar power and other new energy-specific amorphous alloy transformer.
In addition, noise reduction, the domestic enterprises have formed a complete set of amorphous alloy transformer noise reduction processing technology to enable China to the production of amorphous alloy transformer technology has reached the international advanced level.

"Eleventh Five-Year Plan" made a higher energy-saving emission reduction requirements, amorphous alloy transformers much market attention, which also for the production of amorphous alloy transformer has a rapid development of enterprise opportunities, as well as present, China has achieved several company
large-scale production, and makes the amorphous alloy transformer to rationalize cost-effective.

Market Prospect

To 630 kVA SH15-based amorphous alloy transformer, for example, the model transformer no-load loss of only 320 watts, while the same capacity of S9-type silicon steel core transformer no-load loss at 1040 watts, both compared to each non -
crystalline core transformer saving 6220 kwh per year, equivalent to electricity 3360 yuan (assuming a price of 0.54 yuan / kwh), while the cost of the increase in transformer prices values available on the transformer to run all the recovery of 2.6 years.

At present, all the transformers account for their own consumption of electricity generating capacity of more than 5%, in the distribution network losses, the transformer loss over 60%.
Therefore, a large number of promote the use of amorphous alloy core transformers, energy-saving effect is not only remarkable, but also help reduce environmental pollution.

Statistics show that in 2007 the annual production of distribution transformers in China reached 360 million kVA, accounting for all the transformer output l / 3 or so. If China's distribution transformers used in all amorphous core transformer, in order for each 630 kVA amorphous core transformer capacity calculations, the annual demand will reach 57 million units a year, saving 3.546 billion kwh for the community,
Section 1.266 million tons of standard coal equivalent.

"Eleventh Five-year" development plan clearly stated that by 2010, the unit of GDP energy consumption reduced by 20% or so. Grid in order to achieve a 20% energy saving target is bound to heavy use of amorphous alloy transformer.
Furthermore, from the long-term development, energy saving effect Obviously, a lower total cost of ownership in the distribution area of amorphous alloy transformer gradually replace the traditional silicon steel transformers has been the general trend.