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State Grid will build this year, the village electrification of 22000
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In 2009, completion of the new rural electrification County, 80, the new rural electrification township 1100, the new rural electrification Village 22000, according to the national rural network sound engineering investment required to complete plans for Tibet 24000 households without electricity, 11.3 million power of population solve the electricity problem. "February 17, the National Rural Power Grid Corporation in 2009 working conference was held in Beijing, presented the company in 2009 the building of new rural electrification goals.

In 2008, the State Grid Corporation of Rural Power Systems vigorously implement the "three new" agricultural power development strategy, in-depth implementation of the "every household electricity" project to promote a new rural electrification, construction of a solid, comprehensive agricultural power to carry out standardization, in the anti-ice-rescue, disaster relief and the Olympic security Xinhua has played an important role in providing services to rural areas made a significant contribution to the building. Annual accumulated investment in rural power grid construction and transformation of 44.01 billion yuan; was 17.5 million power households, 64.8 million power solution of power problems; to the end of 2008, the company supply the region except Tibet, to achieve full "and every household electricity" ; newly built 84 new rural electrification counties, rural electrification 1020, 18065 villages electrified; "new socialist countryside and comprehensive study of power supply mode demonstration project" significant scientific research projects through the acceptance; full completion of net provincial electric company-wide standard system for farmers
construction work, county and corporate level, power level, by building marked the completion of the work were 80% and 74%; rural power companies to complete 1.148892 trillion kwh in electricity sales.

In 2009, the State Grid Corporation of agricultural electricity system will deepen the "three new" agricultural power development strategy, urban and rural power grid development, strengthen management, improve the level of risk aversion and maintain stability and accelerate development.

Rural electrification in the new building, and local government-led "eco-village", "civilized village", "model village", and other new rural planning combined efforts to achieve development and social development network simultaneously advance economic and social benefits to enhance synchronization . In the rural power grid construction and transformation, the full use of the country stimulating domestic demand, the opportunity to accelerate the implementation of sound construction projects in central and western rural network to strengthen the rural power grid construction, vigorously promote differences in design, to enhance power grid "lifeline" and constantly improve the power grid to withstand natural disasters, make a new socialist countryside construction project supporting the work of electric power for the Tibetan households without electricity and the power to solve the problem of population without electricity. In the rural electricity management, deepen the rural electricity demand standardization. Counties the power supply enterprise and supply of completed construction of rural power standard system for standard work, fully operational standards implementation work; basically complete integration of electricity supply by the operating organizations, professional work, and build the Model 100 Power Supply Standardization; to strengthen the ranks of rural power construction and improve the quality of agricultural power and standardize agricultural labor power management mechanisms, the establishment of the remuneration package of electricians in harmony with the growth of enterprise efficiency wage growth mechanism, efforts to maintain a stable team of electricians; great efforts to control the management of the "habitual violation
"as the main content of" enterprises according to law "activities, making decisions, exercising management, exercise management, according to law.

State Grid Corporation of requests adhere to the scientific development of agricultural power systems, improve the level of scientific and technological progress and information to accelerate business applications SG186 Rural Power Management building, as soon as possible rural electricity business information linking the horizontal and vertical integration in order to enhance and promote the rural power management level create the conditions for Standardization.